Value Ecosystem Designer - a Profession of the immediate Future

Bring the Outside in the Company

- Digitize or die!

- Transform your Business!

- Start your Digital Transformation!


- What does the Digital Transformation mean for our company?

- How to create a digital business ecosystem?

digital busines ecosystems

Your Company needs Digital Business Value Ecosystem Designer!

Who discovers, designs and offers value creating ecosystems will have success in the digital business world.

The magic of digital business happens in the business environment.

What do companies have to do for joining the game in the ecosystems of frenemeies?

- How can your business be a designing player?

- How can you bring the outside in the company?

- Which components does the organisation need to have?

Please note:

These questions will be answered with exemplas of our real projects.


Nuremberg Web Week 2017 #NUEWW

Bring the Outside in the Company

May 19. 2017

15:00 - 19:00

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First off, let's see how Google defines this word.


Resilience is the immune system of the human soul.